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  1. And why not just allow users to delete their accounts? It seems very nasty practice to prohibit that
  2. Hey! Is anybody going to fix this bug? I have another (CUE) and another (FLAC) that cannot be played by Poweramp.
  3. Hi! Now I have the following issue: when I add album to my SD-card it is incorrectly indexed by Poweramp media library. Poweramp doesn't split file into tracks but treat it as a one single big track. Therefore the question is: does it Poweramp bug or simply CUE-file is incorrectly has incorrect markup? Here is this CUE
  4. What can you say about my problem? Why have I purchased paid version? For being ignored?
  5. It seems to be my problem too. But for me this happens mainly while listening via BT-headphones. My issue is http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6066-playback-interrupting/
  6. Here, here and here I've hosted the logs. Strongly willing the developer will read this and fix this!
  7. Hello! I have this bug for a rather long time (since I've installed the app) but lately it became recurrent. I cannot give much details about it - simply playback is stopped and Poweramp don't want to play again. Fix only possible via forced close and restart (from Settings->Apps) When the playback is interrupted and sound is not going on, the Play button is pushed as playing. Making it pushed and pulled makes no sense. Volume level is good, other system sounds are played during interrupting. Concerning filetypes: it concerns all types, mp3 and ogg are leaders in my library. What concerns a
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