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  1. TheoKlink solved my problem with his "New Playlist Manager" app. I was able to restore my backup, use his app to export Poweramp ratings and then imported Poweramp ratings and now my play count is back and it's not disappearing anymore. Thanks again TheoKlink!
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I'm going to purchase his app soon, the full version is going to have the feature to "update IDV3_2_3 POPM Tag" meaning that once I press that it would save the ratings and play count through Poweramp and then I can save that specific song tag directly from New Playlist Manager and maybe even store it on my SD card so that its safe? If Android 7 changes my SD card name again, TheoKlink's app would only pay attention to the exact file of the song, not the name of the folder or the name of the song? Also, if I restore my backup of my play count (it becomes visible as long as you don't play or rescan folders) I can click, "update IDV3_2_3 POPM Tag" and it would save the ratings and play count of that song? For example, I have a song that has a "backed up" play count of approx 18k. When I view/open that song on New Playlist Manager, I have to press+hold it and a pop-up screen will come up, then I click "update IDV3_2_3 POPM Tag". The 18k and 5-star rating information would be directly stored on that specific song. Now when I go back to Poweramp, and I try to play that song or rescan the folders, all my restored play count would vanish. Would I have to rescan the folder regardless, and then it would update that song's play count to the one I stored from New Playlist Manager? Or do I have to go through a different process to see that the play count was saved properly? Thanks for the help TheoKlink and AndreWilley
  3. So in the near future, you're going to implement a feature where a user can "backup" the ratings and play count? For example, in my case, I want to continue using my backed up play count but it's not working. When I restore it, I can see the play count, but once I click on a specific song, all of the play count disappears. With your app, can I update my backup so that it can be stored on your app? If that makes any sense.
  4. Well this is bad. Thanks for your response. Would you or anyone else happen to know what's the folder Poweramp keeps their play count? Maybe if I can retrieve that folder, I can manually copy my backed up play count into the folder?
  5. Hello, my phone was recently updated to the Android 6.0 update. When I tried to listen to my music (it's stored on my SD card) it says "Folder is missing/not readable. Try Full Rescan?" At this point I'm worried because I backed up my play count along with my music from the same folder that the app cannot find. I did the full rescan and it erased all the play count. I restored my backup with my stored play count, and it's still not working. I found out that Android's new update change my SD card name to "3733-3661" when originally it was "extSdCard". I'm not sure if there's a way I can retrieve the backed up play count and then transfer it to the newly named SD card. I know this sounds confusing, but I'm trying to explain it in detail. I tried making a duplicate fullpath on my SD card (storage/3733-3661/storage/extSdCard/media/MY MUSIC) and that didn't work because it's specifically linked to that exact folder that was renamed. I can't change the "3733-3661" to "extSdCard" and I can't go inside my backup to change the name from "extSdCard" to "3733-3661". I really need the play count. That's why I want to know if an exported version of play count can be a new feature. Please help, I know it's a lot to read, bear with me!
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