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  1. I'm having a similar issue with my Galaxy S4. I submitted a bug report recently but haven't heard anything back either. It's not exactly "skipping", but it's not exactly not, either. For instance, the lyrics sound choppy but don't "slow down" due to skips/pauses. The time it would take for a certain line of a song without the skipping is the about same time it takes *with* the skipping, if you get what I mean. However, everything sounds very choppy and unpleasant, especially the higher frequencies. It doesn't matter if the screen is on or off, or what other apps I'm running (I use Waze when I drive but it also happens without it). It also doesn't matter if Poweramp is fully open on the screen or not. The skipping can be fixed by pausing for several seconds and then resuming playback, but this isn't an acceptable long term fix. I'm running CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.2) Milestone 3, with 500MB free onboard storage, and 488MB free RAM. I've got the audio thread priority set to highest, and buffer size set to "huge". All my music is stored on a 64GB Samsung class 10 SD card, and the skipping doesn't seem to happen in the same places in the same song (I can play it again later and have no problems). The skips don't seem to happen on other music players. I'm also usually playing music over Bluetooth to my car's Kinivo BTC-450, but it happens even with headphones or just the onboard speaker. Here's a link to a clip of the skipping, hopefully this works: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/6z90957iix5lem0/Poweramp_audio_problems.m4a Saying that "there is no such issue" really isn't helpful, because clearly there IS some sort of problem. Hopefully we can get some sort of workaround or patch going that doesn't include pausing the track for 5 seconds every time it skips, because that gets old really quick.
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