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  1. So I recently picked up a Galaxy S7 Edge, and there are quite a few albums that don't have album artwork. I tried clearing the cache, but it still doesn't work. If I try to manually download artwork, it shows "failed to load Poweramp" as the only option. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  2. Has anyone else seen this issue? I'm still experiencing it, and it drives me crazy. I want to be able to see my beautiful album artwork on the lock screen! As of now, I have to deal with sometimes seeing the album artwork (after a short stutter of black screen), and sometimes my screen is just black the entire time. I don't like having to turn album artwork completely off under the lock screen options.
  3. Is there any solution to this problem? I'm getting a few short stutters on my Note 4 running 4.4.4. I keep messing with the audio buffer and thread priorities. Will maxing both out result in the fewest number of stutters, or is it possible that it could exacerbate the problem? I've tried turning the equalizer on and off (maybe the limiter would help?), and I've toggled direct volume control. Any suggestions on optimal settings?
  4. It's the regular Android lock screen. I'm not a big fan of the Poweramp lock screen, but it does work. Also, I should note that other music players don't have the problem (e.g., Rocket Player, Spotify).
  5. Hi all, I have a really nit-picky issue that recently started happening on my Verizon Galaxy Note 4. Sometimes the album art on the lock screen just doesn't appear—only a black screen shows up. Other times, it seems like the album art has to load, so I see the black screen for a second or so before the album art appears. Sometimes when I am no longer listening to music, the black screen still appears. The controls for moving forward/backward between tracks appears without any problem. Just thought I would see if there is a simple way to fix the problem. I know that I can turn off the alb
  6. So I just purchased my Galaxy Note 4, and I am excited to get back to using Poweramp (there were freezing issues on my Note 3). So, I started the scan, and it found most of my music...but not all. The weird part is that when I go to the folder view, I can find the missing albums. I've tried other music players that were able to everything without any problem. Has anyone experienced this problem before? I really want to use Poweramp again!
  7. So, I emailed, and the only advice I received was to reinstall the latest version of the app—which I did to no avail. I also submitted a ton of crash reports. Any other ideas?
  8. I would love to see a solution to this problem. It has made Poweramp unusable for me, and it used to be my go-to music app. Very frustrating!
  9. I'm using my Note 3 on KitKat, and the app keeps freezing while browsing my albums folder. Granted, I just started using a 128gb SD card, so my library is huge. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
  10. Thanks again for your help. Installing a new kernel seems like a bit much for me. I got a new phone from Verizon, but the issue is still here. I'm hoping that kitkat will help. Is that naive? Is there anything I can do within Poweramp to reduce the hissing noise? Any recommended settings?
  11. Thanks, Andre. I'm very new to all of this. How would I go about using a custom kernel to adjust the gain? Is it a complicated process?
  12. Hi, there. Firstly, I love Poweramp. Lately, I have noticed some hiss with my earphones when listening to quieter songs. On top of that, I hear some weird clicking noises when I hit the home button, scroll, open another app, etc. I do not think it's a problem with Poweramp;I think it's a hardware problem with my Note 3. I've read through some other posts, and it seems like other people have faced similar problems. Any ideas on how to fix? I read somewhere that Samsung boosts the audio gain to satiate people's needs for loudness. Can I change that setting for the whole device? I do not notice t
  13. I, too, would like this issue fixed. One of the reasons I chose Poweramp for my music player is because of the gapless. I was kind of disappointed to find that it doesn't work for bluetooth unless you keep the app running in the foreground without shutting off the screen.
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