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  1. hm... how do i put this when i press shuffle it just mix my songs but its still played in order is there any way or can you make that he jumps out on other songs now is like he shuffle once and play songs by order 1 2 3 4 5....last and what i want is press shuffle and that he plays 4 (algoritam so i dont know what next track is or just some random number from 1 to last in playlist... it keeps lists more intresting cuz you dont know what thing will be next... but if i press back he returns me on track that was played before and when i press next it gives some other new number) example of 2. part if i play song 4 9 and now it ends and random generate lets say 2 and i press back it backs me to 9 (if again back to 4) but when 9 (or 4) is finished it gives new random number lets say 7 if you know what i mean... sry for bad english
  2. +1 playerpro have some great bugs it started call my contacts or random numbers so i erased it and bought Poweramp hope this feature will be soon avaliable its realy good since headsets can easy start to go wild since i like to run and control songs... i noticed that headset with interact of little water (sweat) start to go wild and skip my songs randomly... this feature is what i need
  3. hi i noticed that you use plugin but somewhere it said you had and lyrics over cover art thats cool and it would be great to have it back and even better idea is ption for download all lyrics with option from name or from tags.... and then later if they dosnt fit in you can replace them or edit/create
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