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  1. Could support for the following tags be added: Album Artist: For albums that should be listed under a different name than the artist on some or all of the tracks. For instance, a Syd Barrett compilation may have tracks by Pink Floyd and by Syd Barrett; the songs' "Artist" tags should have the correct respective artist, but the entire album should be shown as by Syd Barrett. Compilation: For "Various Artists" releases. This would enable compilations to appear at the end of the album listing, showing "Various Artists" as the artist. It would also fix the related problem where if you now have two albums with the same name, they appear as one album in the album listing. This behavior would no longer be necessary if it only combined tracks that had the "Compilation" tag set. Artist Sort and Album Artist Sort: So that artists can be sorted by last name. Album Sort: Not as necessary as the others, but would still be useful in some instances. Thanks!
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