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  1. I uninstalled Poweramp/unlocker, deactivated XPrivacy, then re-installed Poweramp/unlocker from the store. Opened Poweramp, and confirmed that it was verified. I then enabled XPrivacy, rebooted, and got the verification error. I installed the new build 549, but get an error: Failed to load PowerampSorry, but Poweramp has filed to load some native library.This can happen if:...Please try to reinstall PowerampI hit OK on the error, launch Poweramp again, and get a force close. Tried re-downloading and re-installing, same thing. So build 548 works (without XPrivacy), and 549 crashes. I am running Overstock ROM (KitKat 4.4.2) on a Nexus 4. Edit: I managed to get build 549 working. I had to wipe my Poweramp data and uninstall, then reinstall build 548, and then install build 549 on top of that. Then I could restore my data from Titanium Backup and it seems to be working. Anything else I tried resulted in a Force Close.
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