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    OPUS codec

    you should know that Max drags when putting out new updates. hopefully OPUS support will be with Poweramp v3.0 later this year.
  2. who actually uses A/V on their phone though
  3. pearls

    Add a jacket.jpg the album art

    Why not just rename the file?
  4. pearls


    It's been stated for this year, otherwise known as Soon™
  5. Hello, Here's my second bug report for today. It seems that Poweramp also will at random bug with the main app's album art and not display it. (here's it not displaying it and bugging) (here's it behaving normally and displaying like it should)
  6. Hello, I've come to report a bug that'll happen occasionally with Poweramp's notification. Sometimes it won't completely show, and sometimes it will. This image is a screenshot of when it bugs out and doesn't display properly, even though in the main app it'll display fine.
  7. Settings > Folders and Libary > Music folders, then click the checkbox for the folders that you want Poweramp to search music files for.