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  1. Hey, love this player, its about the only one that does everything I want it to. The current problem I have with it is, I can open it and play a song like normal, but if during playback I change song (by pressing the song playing to bring up the list) and select a new song, the player will freeze and do nothing. If i kill the app with task manager and open it again it will work like normal. If I press the next  button during playback,it will go to the next song like normal. This problem has only became apparent since I upgraded my phone to gummy mod.




    ^ Link for gummy mod app.


    And for the life of me I cannot figure out how to add photos to this post, but here is a link to my dropbox with details of Poweramp and the phone.




    A fix or any advice (other than going back to the OS filled with the Samsung crap) will be much appreciated

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