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  1. woofit, did you find a soloution? I am still searching ....
  2. Hi, a little bit offtopic... I hope they sell Poweramp on pdassi. I bought something there and it was a dream ... no account needed for buying... no activation needed for the ap... downloadeble as an apk file.... But for now I am searching for an alternative for Poweramp
  3. It seems there is no way to unlock with "email".... cause "email" = "googleaccount(email)" I have no google adware installed... so I cant use Poweramp legal.... Although I bought it(google) and I would buy it twice.... Thats really shit !!!
  4. Hello, I want to use/buy Poweramp .. "It should be full google account OR device email address, exactly as specified in phone Settings => Accounts." I dont have a email account there I use an K9 mail. The only account there(Settings => Accounts) is "CalDav Sync Adapter" and I could only add "Firefox" and "Firefox Sync" I have no google adware installed... but it should work with a email ... plz help my regards
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