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  1. See the link I provided in my previous post. Anyway, as a matter of fact, the term "smart playlist" is very well defined as being rule based in the field of music players. Apple iTunes was one of the first to offer it and, as stated, you will find it in many other Android players. PA pulled a little trick calling those shortcuts playlists based on ratings and play state "smart playlists", but that's bending the truth a bit. But anyway, it seems like the majority of PA users doesn't care for this. So I'll keep sticking with GMMP.
  2. Like almost all players since iTunes I want to be a able to construct smart playlists like these examples: "all music" -> genre does not contain "audiobook" and genre does not contain "speech" (2 rules) "rock & pop" -> genre contains "rock" or genre contains "pop" (2 rules) It's totally beyond me why PA doesn't do this, even though it was promised to be implemented years ago for that mysterious 3.0 version: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3772-please-consider-smart-playlist-for-future-updates/
  3. Thanks, but no, a stand alone app for this is out of the question for me.
  4. I'm frequently changing the music stored on my phone so any kind of static playlist is out of the question. I completely fail to understand why PA doesn't offer decent tag-based smart playlist and still haven't lost all hopes this may change. Mind you, I actually don't (because can't) use PA because of this. I'm using GoneMad player instead, but I do love PA's artwork. Long story short - what's the official status of this very elementary and state-of-the-art feature?
  5. While I don't think this 1-star rating thing is the way to go I fully agree that the lack of smart playlists is what's ridiculous here. ALL of the serious competition have had it for ages, and the PA guys have promised to add it years ago. Today they don't even comment on this anymore, which makes them appear a bit arrogant towards loyal users. I for one have long since switched to GoneMad player, which - compared to PA - is rather ugly, but featurewise cant be beat. Should PA someday add smart playlists, I might consider going back to it.
  6. So it is now 02/2014 and STILL no sign of true smart playlists. I can't believe it. Is that mysterious 3.0 ever going to be done?
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