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  1. yes i've just to ask in a forum about it...i'll say something here Thanks
  2. Sorry about the confussion, so i should be able to purchase a licensed version but remember that my kikkat rom is custom no stock.....
  3. Do you mean if i can write in folders on my external sd card from rom manager for example? Anyway what i want is to know if i could have problems with the verification licence if i buy Poweramp by having a custom rom like i have now in my cell
  4. Hi again I have a question, I was thinking tu but this app but could i have any problem with it? as i said i have a custom rom (kitkat) Thanks
  5. I think that's the problem. When i had another custom rom, jelly bean for example, the external SD card showed up......KK is the guilty sure, thanks again
  6. Hello everyone!! I have a samsung galaxy s I9ooo cell and the Rom Mokee opensource Kitkat 4.4.2. Poweramp (V.2.0.4 build-467) can't see my external sd, only the internal sd. If i go to the option music folders, only appears the internal sd. I have folders and subfolders with music inside in my external sd, how can i resolve this problem? Thanks a million
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