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  1. First of all I wanna thank you for this more than awesome player. I mean i terms of a music player you can have a better one than an iPod with this app (tag/ cover control, eq and so on just hilarious) for not even 3€!!! But I'd like to have a "hide album" option in my album list or in the settings because there are a few albums, which I don't want to have in album list but which I kind of need so I can't just delete them (its these samsung default sounds, the folder where i put my ringtones/ notification sounds and the folder with whatsapp speech massages). I think of a "hide album" button beside the delete button or maybe a tab in the settings for "exceptions" so you can say that folder xyz and all the folders that it contains are not shown in your lists. Keep up the good work Greetings from Germany Rodrigo
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