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  1. Thank you for the very important hint. I'm shure I'd have overlooked that behaviour and the action would have failed. Unfortunately, my root browser can change the permissions just for one folder/file at a time. So you have to limit the number of files you want to restore. Otherwise it's faster to change all settings in Poweramp itself. Important files: folders.db (EQ) com.maxmpz.audioplayer_preferences.xml (all settings) and other two ones. But you lose a lot of time doing that and I hope the developers will find a simpler solution.
  2. mrbi

    Send to WiFi?

    It's true but I want to sync my favourite songs directly with that ones on my computer in order to have the songs in the favourite folders. Exactly that idea I had, too and tried it with ES explorer and the action failed because it said that it couldn't find the device and "please choose a device" From the ES explorer itself I have access to all my shared folders and files on my computer and to my nas but I can't do it from Poweramp. Is there a trick?
  3. Oh yes, the folders.db (just the EQ settings) does exist, but you need root access and a root browser being able to access to the system folder. I don't know anyone for free doing that. I'm using FX root plus (=file explorer root plus).
  4. If you have root access, it's possible to save your settings copying the whole folder com.maxmpz.audioplayer included the important file "folders.db". I've saved that folder but I never tested restoring it, I'm shure to do that in the near future. Path: system(root)/data/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer I don't know if you can find a root-browser for free being able to access to the system folder. I'm using the fx root (file explorer root plus).
  5. Hello, it's possible to add a function allowing to send files not only to Bluetooth but to WiFi or to a URL? I can't understand that it's simple transferring files via Bluetooth to another smart-phone but not to my own netwerk. thx
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