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  1. It was literally almost everything in my library of over 100 GB. I guess I can send the last thing I was playing which was the straw that broke the camel's back.. Sorry, but I have no time and little desire to troubleshoot v3 when v2 is playing things just perfectly now. I appreciate that a lot of work was put into the new version of this inexpensive audio player that has given me many hours of enjoyment, but I find nearly everything about v.3 from the UI to the setting controls to be non-intuitive and cumbersome. Good luck and maybe I'll check back in a few months and try it again!
  2. Something with the last update completely screwed up my entire library as well in this manner. I have followed every tweak I could find in the forums to ensure that I am getting truly gapless playback - essential for huge chunks of library, jazz albums, live performances, etc. - and it kept happening. I finally said to hell with it and rolled back to v.2. Sorry, I gave v.3 a good long trial and the 'cons' just continue to outweigh any 'pros' for me. (FWIW, formats are either FLAC or mp3 320 kbs, on a fast SD card.)
  3. thanks andrewilley for the tip -- I was apparently trying to turn it off from the FOLDER view (which was playing tracks) rather than the "Player" view. I'm finding it difficult to tell what 'mode' I'm in at any given time, if that makes sense. I am still unable to just select an album from "Albums" view and just play it, without adding all the tracks to a playlist, which is a PITA. So currently I am just finding what I need via Folder sorting. This is not a shuffle problem though so maybe I should post in a different thread..
  4. I am having the opposite problem - I can't seem to turn shuffle off no matter what I do. And I @#%$$$% hate shuffle. If I could just eliminate it altogether from the player, I would not mind. Holding down the shuffle icon appears to do nothing, and short press just toggles through a bunch of shuffle modes, none of which seem to be "off." What gives? I am also finding the GUI to be pretty unintuitive in spite of praise I have seen from others. I just want to play entire albums, like I used to be able to do, with a minimum of fuss. Nice to have hi-res output options though....
  5. HI there. On a FAQ page regarding licenses and devices without Google services, it is stated that the new unlocker can be supported on these devices, and if you have an older unlocker to "contact us" and they will "deal with it." However no link is provided on how to contact the developers. It says to fill out a form but I have no idea what form they are talking about. Can anyone help me out?
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