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  1. Well, I'm happy to see that a lot of people still think my suggestion is a good idea. @blaubär I don't know the answer, hoping someone else does.
  2. Could you at least confirm that this feature will or will not be considered? Thanks.
  3. I have one simple feature request. Currently, the equalizer sliders no not show numerically what value each slider is set at. I have to infer it by comparing sliders relative to each other, or check by counting how many taps I need to go back to +/- 0 dB. It would be a lot easier to tweak my equalizer settings if the Equalizer UI would display the current numeric value of each slider, ie +7.0dB, -4.0dB. Below is a screenshot of the Equalizer app, showing what I mean. Note how each slider has it's current value shown at the bottom. If this could be added to the UI, that would be great! Possible spots to show the number on the UI include: on top or below each slider, on the slider buttons themselves, in the horizontal slider scroll bar where the current eq-level wave pattern is shown (could ghost/transparent the wave). Thanks! CDBbrian
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