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  1. PlayerPro had like 20 files in the folder - I did these one at a time, it's impossible (With "Root Explorer") like you said, to change these in one click. I'm not sure if it's necessary to change all the permissions, from all the files, or just the folder itself, but I did it anyway. My com.maxmpz.audioplayer contain only 12 files, in my case - that should be possible. But an option to save/restore the settings without root access, I say why not ?
  2. Yes, I second this - I did it when I was still using PlayerPro Music Player, it worked. I used "Root Explorer" by SpeedSoftware, which worked perfectly. I just copy pasted the folder back at his place. You have to remember to select the folder (I did it with all the few files in as well, just in case), and change the permission. Because when you copy the folder on your SD card (Which is FAT32), all the permissions (Read-Write-Execute) are lost. After you copy the folder back in the internal storage, using "Root Explorer", you have to allow all the permission of the folder, so that the app have access to read/write/run. Otherwise, force close will happen. Did not tested it with Poweramp, but PlayerPro did worked. But it will only work with Root, as said earlier.
  3. Hi! I just bought Poweramp today! I have a very simple request: it's nice to have a sleep timer, but I can't make use of it myself (yet); I only listen to one song before going to sleep, and the minimum time the sleep timer allow is 5 minutes. Can we possibly put the minimum to one minute ? Thanks, I appreciate =)
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