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  1. There should be a "settings" function to restore lost playlists if something happens to them.
  2. It would be nice to be able to long-press an artist or album and be able to change parts of all the related track tags, like "artist" or "album" rather than having to change each song separately.
  3. Where are the playlists saved and how do we restore them if they get lost or are emptied somehow?
  4. I don't really know the difference between the two. I save a playlist on Poweramp by long-pressing an artist name and then specifying which playlist those songs should be saved in. My music is all on my SD card but when I export those playlists they export to a "Playlists" folder on the phone hard drive as .m3u8 files. Normally, when I connect my phone via USB I lose all my Winamp and Playerpro playlists but my Poweramp playlists remain. Yesterday, I connected my phone via USB to make changes directly to the mp3 tags and all of my Poweramp playlists were gone. The playlist "locations" in that it showed artist names when I clicked "Playlists" from the main menu but the playlists were empty. If that happens, what do I do to restore them so I don't need to resave them?
  5. If my playlists get erased for some reason how do I get them back without having to resave them all?
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