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  1. Wow that's disappointing... Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Sucks about the lockscreen.. feels like a huge step backwards!
  3. Guys, I'm on the latest Android Q beta 6 and the Poweramp lockscreen no longer works. I have to unlock my screen to control just about anything.. Is this intended to be fixed in upcoming releases?
  4. Hi there.. Loving the HD Skins so far.. I'd like to request a dark version of the same, much in line with the stock Neon skin, so that it fits well with the "Material Dark" design scheme for lollipop. Thanks a ton
  5. I concur. Would be great to have visualizations... something like what's available on HTC One. Or even better would be visualizations implemented in Winamp (on Windows PC) using the MilkDrop 2 engine. http://sourceforge.net/projects/milkdrop2/
  6. Just registered here to be able to say how much I love your product, @MaxMP ! I've been using this since my SGS days and now with my HTC One, it's better than ever! Can't spend a day without this player. You do know how to set standards Thanks a ton for your great work. I really appreciate it. It's the first ever purchase I made on Android and has been well worth it through and through. Kind regards Prasad
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