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  1. Prasad1337

    Poweramp lockscreen support for Android Q

    Wow that's disappointing... Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Prasad1337

    Poweramp Build 840-841

    Sucks about the lockscreen.. feels like a huge step backwards!
  3. Guys, I'm on the latest Android Q beta 6 and the Poweramp lockscreen no longer works. I have to unlock my screen to control just about anything.. Is this intended to be fixed in upcoming releases?
  4. Prasad1337

    Poweramp Build 815

    Is this a beta release?
  5. Prasad1337

    Dark HD Skin request

    Hi there.. Loving the HD Skins so far.. I'd like to request a dark version of the same, much in line with the stock Neon skin, so that it fits well with the "Material Dark" design scheme for lollipop. Thanks a ton
  6. I concur. Would be great to have visualizations... something like what's available on HTC One. Or even better would be visualizations implemented in Winamp (on Windows PC) using the MilkDrop 2 engine. http://sourceforge.net/projects/milkdrop2/
  7. Just registered here to be able to say how much I love your product, @MaxMP ! I've been using this since my SGS days and now with my HTC One, it's better than ever! Can't spend a day without this player. You do know how to set standards Thanks a ton for your great work. I really appreciate it. It's the first ever purchase I made on Android and has been well worth it through and through. Kind regards Prasad