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  1. What happens to me is I queue a song or two, the queued song starts playing after the current song, and then after that song it repeats the queued list instead of going back to the regular list (with the queued songs added into it) that was playing before the queued songs.
  2. What I want Poweramp to do is to either shuffle all songs or play a certain playlist and allow me to queue a song. The problem is I haven't gotten it to work the way I want it to. This is how I want the queue to work: 1. Add song to queue (which also adds the song to the now playing-list, this does not add the song to a playlist) 2. Wait for current song to end 3. Play the queued song(s) 4. Start playing the song that would have come after the song in step 1 if there had been no queued song, and continue on that list (keeping in mind that the queued song(s) remain in the now playing-list, meaning that they will be played again when the list comes back around to that position) Is this possible? Thanks in advance and kind regards, Erik
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