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  1. Thanks Andre, Yes, I've tried the setting to "Sort by File system date/time" but it seems to ignore it. Is there a way to change it so a recan doesn't change the date/time of the added folders. Seems odd to have an option to sort by the date it was added but then gets reset during a scan. Thanks for the random playback tip. Not sure why I didn't notice that myself.
  2. Hello, How do you get Poweramp to properly sort albums to show the most recently added first? The setting for both folders and the library to list albums "by date added" seems to be ignored. Well, this doesn't seem to be entirely true. When I add an album, it will show at the top of the list but after some time it merges with the rest of the library and just displays alphabetically. How can I get it always sort by the date they were added? I've found the setting for it sort by the system modified date of the files, but it doesn't appear to have any affect either. Currently using the most current paid version (2.09). Also, on an unrelated note, is there a way to get it to randomly select an entire album for playback? I seem to be in the minority these days and enjoy listening to an album in it's entirety, but the current settings for Poweramp seem to just randomly selects a track to play. Thanks!
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