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  1. Since a couple of versions I have the problem that my car radio doesn't display the song information on my radio when connected through Bluetooth. Also I cannot skip tracks using my radio. The current song just stops for a second and then continues playing. This is happening only since 2 or 3 versions. Before that it worked just fine.
  2. Song info is not displaying when connected via Bluetooth to the radio in my car. Also if I try to go to the next song pushing the button on the radio all of a sudden the last song I played on Spotify starts to play. Reverting to V2 for the time being.
  3. Anybody has problems with their headset controls? I have 3 buttons on my headset and the only ones working are for volume up and down. If I press the pause/play button instead pausing the current song, Spotify starts playing and Poweramp is pushed to the background. I also use GravityBox with my OnePlus 3 to get the feature where I can long press and hold volume up or down while the screen is off to change tracks. This worked flawlessly with Poweramp V2 and also works with Spotify but with Poweramp V3 it doesn't have any effect anymore (still works with Spotify but not with Poweramp V3).
  4. Max I bought the Poweramp unlocker many years ago from this Site and it works with version 2 no problem. But with version 3 it fails to authenticate that I bought Poweramp. Has it something to do that when I bought it I was using my Email address ending with: @googlemail.com Now my account on my Android device is set up with the shorter version: @gmail.com I think the unlocker fails to realize that these are the same and therefore fails to authenticate. However why it works with version 2 I have no idea. Anyway, is there any way fo fix this or do I now need to buy a new license through the Play Store?
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