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  1. Sorry if I stepped on toes. I never leave PA playing for a long time and I never see it in my battery apps. However, it seemed to be the only app I've found that apparently started up MediaServer where MediaServer then procesed to become the cause of my battery to plummet from 100% to 40$ ina amtter of an hour or two. This seems to occur if I use PA at the gym for less than an hour. Using Spotify, Pandora or Google Play hasn't been the saem problem. Honestly maxmp, I wan't blaming anyone but have watched this thread go a couple years without any real solution.
  2. I signed on to pass this tip on and see if it solves anyone else's drain. I've been reading for a while after my phone's battery recently went to hell and I found that MediaServer took over seemingly only after I used PA for a spell in the morning. Since then, I've tried every trick in Settings, etc. I noticed in another thread that someone blamed the home screen widget for at least being associated with the drain. It seemed like a long shot but I've tried everything else short of uninstalling PA. I removed the widget and I'm thinking my batter is now finally recharging. it didn't hurt to
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