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  1. max, thx for ur response, but what i experienced here is my phone cant go to deep sleep after i using a2dp on Poweramp, not when i listening with a2dp. the problem started when i finished listening music with a2dp (disconnect my mw1 frm my phone), suspend_backoff wakelock kicked off and and that wakelock keep my phone awake and draining my battery. i already understand what u mean by that wakelock when i listening music, but this suspend_backoff wakelock appear when i finished listening music with Poweramp (a2dp only not wired) and start draining my battery until i plug in my phone to charger or restart the phone. maybe u can help me to find out what is causing that wakelock appear after i finished listening with Poweramp a2dp? i love Poweramp and i feel walkman soundquality really sucks, so it would be helped me by much if you can solve this THANK YOU Edit: max, is that any similarities with between Poweramp's a2dp connection and google play music's a2dp connection? bcoz i read on sony forum another ppl is havin some issues with me if listening with google play music. thank you, sorry for my bad english anyway
  2. hi, i experienced strange Suspend_backoff wakelock after using Poweramp with a2dp (sony smartheadset mw-1), i already tried disabling all bluetooth Headset option but seems no luck, the wakelock is still there after i listening using Poweramp. this issues doesnt appear when i listen music with built in walkman app strangely. anyway i'm using xperia ZL and running on stock sony 4.3 JB rom
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