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  1. My devices have performance issue with chromecast (If I use Poweramp with chromecast to send music to my wireless speaker, it will stuck every 5 -10 seconds. I know it could be caused by poor router) So I prefer to have UPnP/DLNA support, because I can use it to stream music from my PC to the same speaker under the same LAN environment.
  2. If there is only one playlist in the player Just open playlist, set loop - "Repeat list", shuffle - "Off", switch to the first song in the list, then swipe the album cover to right / click button "<<<" After that, background will turn to black.
  3. same as I use Bluetooth control, and notification bar I just update some details in #1
  4. If I keep pushing Next song, it could fail to switch to next track: Both the player on the phone and the screen on my car display right track title, but the audio is still the prev song without stop. I can push next again, but only the title on the screen change, the sound does not change with it. Update 1: Even if I just play the song with 3.5 mm jack output, it will happen, so it is not only with bluetooth. Update 2: When the issue appear, the main screen of Poweramp displays the title/cover/progress bar/...everything is the track I switch to. The progress bar is still worki
  5. Same issue. I connect my phone with my car throught Bluetooth, OpenSL ES Output. The sound could stop without warning. Force stop the process of Poweramp and reopen it can fix the issue for me. Moto X4, Android 8.1
  6. set Repeat List and Shuffle All. When the player at the last song/track/file in the list (call it A), push next, then it will jump to next turn's track2. and A will be the first track is this turn. Device: Moto X4, Android 8.1
  7. when i use < and > to change track on lock screen, artist will not change with song, still previous artist. 2.0.9-build-543 MOTO G Android 4.4.2
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