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  1. I suggest you turn stereo x off by turning the little knob all the way to the left. Do the same with the tone controls. If you set the tone controls at 50 percent you're going to add a lot of bass and treble. I think it is misleading, but that's the way it works.
  2. wms

    external DAC

    Great. Could you elaborate? Which device do you have, and which DAC do you use? Does Poweramp's equalizer work through the DAC?
  3. Is anyone using Poweramp on an Android device with the USB port feeding music to an external DAC?
  4. I'd like to know this as well, and was about to post it as a new topic. Can anyone provide this information?
  5. Happy to help a fellow audiophile!
  6. Fine old Mac gear, really takes me back. Did my tip about unassinging the presets help with your equalizer issue? I use the headphone amplifier as a preamp, it has plenty of gain to deal with the low output from the phone.
  7. To TouchOGrey: I had the same problem. I fixed it by unassigning ALL of my presets, now they "stick" as they should. (I do have to set them manually, but that's better than having them change each time I change tracks.) I, too, have a pretty high end audio system. Currently I'm runing analog from my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone to a Fiio E09K headphone amp and on to my Pioneer Elite A/V receiver. Ive read that the internal Sammy DAC is not very good but so far im prety happy with the sound. How about you?
  8. nevermind, I figured it out. thank you!
  9. on the euqliazer screen what does "STX" mean? It is on the left, next to "DVC" (digital volume control) and "LMT" (which I asume is limt for eq and tone.) thanks in advacne!
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