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  1. Nobody knows how to make that backbutton red when pressed? Maxmp plese help me.
  2. Thanks for the help. I tried this but it´s not what I wanted. Now the ab_back and icon has different drawable but they are still inside some other layout that has the Poweramp default button style. Do I need to override something in skin styles.xml? The overflow button (and other buttons in actionbar) gets it style from styles.xml, but what i need to add to make this back button to have the same style? Here is two screenshots. I want the back button to have the same pressed style as the overflow button. Could you help me little bit more, I´m still new for android programming.
  3. How can I change the actionbar back button pressed/focused state? I mean the button that has the Poweramp icon and a little arrow. I can change the ab back and Poweramp icon drawable, but the pressed/focused state is still Poweramp default. Other buttons in the actionbar are already themed correctly and have my custom drawables. Can anyone help me?
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