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  1. Typical single culture societal child, like you, will never be able to see and tolerate multiple race and culture trying to live and work harmoniously in one very small crammed nation. Your question, "你們新加坡人都把母語排在第二?好像有點不尊重自己的母語喔?" (Why do Singaporeans placed their racial native language in second place? Don't you respect your mother tongue?), shows just how shortsighted you really are, and how discriminating and bias your society is as a whole.

    Just out of curiosity, if you feel so much more superior than me, why have I not see you typed a full sentence in English? Or do you consider Chinese a superior language?

    Anyway, unless you have a sudden change in attitude, I don't see this conversation going anywhere soon. I will end with this post. I really do not have time to indulge your need to punch everyone in the face. So, unless you have to have the absolute last word........ Adios!

  2. Unfortunately I am not in Singapore and have no access to my regular computer or Chinese Input Method.

    I knew you were going to rely on Google Translate. It is totally imperfect and not very helpful beyond basic meaning. Or did you think I was trying to be a shallow? these are indeed common words, but they have specialized meaning as technological terms. If you find yourself having a hard time believing, Here are my simpler examples:

    1. Exact the faulty command line out of the third party program.

    2. Microsoft Word subsist of many smaller modules.

    If you don't know, please stop being such a know-it-all. Mandarin IS the mother tongue of all Chinese in Singapore. If you can't figure out how to use the Wikipedia, please let someone else teach you. Your arrogance and ignorance is truly alarming.

    There are slight and small linguistic variance between provincial Chinese usage, but they are generally similar. Singaporean Chinese has always followed the Taiwanese use since the early 80s, even though we are educated in Simplified form. So your claim to such deviance have proven yourself an unyielding bigot and extremely self-centered.

    Sigh. Anyway, I have run out of time for this. You have entertained me enough over the last few days. You've proven yourself less than you claimed and I no longer see any motivation to argue with a closed minded person who has a one sided opinion.

  3. 1. Wrong.

    2. Wrong.

    3. Correct.

    Check them again. Your dictionary isn't very good.

    I did say technical terms. See what I mean when I say you don't pay enough attention to the environmental requirements?!

    You have forgotten that I have a Taiwanese wife who is also a 2nd generation lecturer. Perhaps, you misconstrue my many posts attention to you. Or perhaps you are just too proud to admit your own failings.

    I told you before my sights aren't that good, on top of that I'm actually using a US keyboard to type in pinyin and converting that to traditional Chinese words. How many times have you typed a correct word only to have the keyboard changed it to something else without notifying you? Surely, if you typed in English, it will be more than the keyboard or word processors fault, no?

    No matter how you put it, Taiwanese is still not recognized as a sovereignty. I recognized you as an able people ready to become a nation, but you have no voluntary support for it to pass through. However, I also came to recognized that you people have a stupid nationalistic pride about it when you are not even one. This I recognized even in my wife and all her niece and nephews who are here studying. I have always respect the Taiwanese Mandarin much more refined and modern than that of China's. And I recognized Taiwanese ingenuity in the tech sector, something I laughed at when Singapore was trying to compete with Taiwan. How's that for the Singaporean pride?!

    The way you described Singaporeans from only interacting with me, you are indeed proving yourself to be a very narrow-minded person. At least I draw my experiences from interacting with more than a few hundred Taiwanese, from business to the public to relatives, to sum up my comments. You really need to step out of your small world.

    By the way, I am not equal to most Singaporeans when it comes to linguistic abilities, and that has been proven time and again by friends and opponents alike.

    If you think that Singaporean's Mandarin is that bad, I think it is better if you experienced it yourself. Don't put yourself out until you can sized up your opponent. I recognized you as a person with a fairly good linguistic ability, but with more room for improvement. What you severely need are social skills and manners.

  4. 被你打敗了...別用新加坡的中文去限定台灣中文啦, 實在想太多....

    You can't admit you've been bettered, and yet continue to prove your infirmities. Pride is your greatest downfall, complete with your inability to admit someone is better and more competent. Coming up with your comment above, proves you are bias, prideful, and unwillingness to learn from others, wanting only others to affirm yours. Humble yourself and you may yet see your flaws and learn from others..

    Since you've ran me through 2 sets, to be fair, please prove yourself by forming a technical dialog for each of the following term:

    1. "exact",

    2. "subsist",

    3. "resistive alignment" as a noun.

    These are fairly common technical technological terms.

  5. 你啥時候看到我翻譯的amp?你有安裝過?

    新加坡人的自我優越感亂嚴重的, 這是老年人的毛病嗎??

    給你一個網址, 是我發布正體中文的論壇, 有興趣可以安裝看看, 需root。


    是啊! 我著新加坡人專門對一些自以爲是卻能力有限的人感到非常的優越。 至少我們是一個被認可的國家吧。

    請注意:裝置必須取得 ROOT 權限才能安裝”.... 這是你寫的嗎?這句話又多麽的不順啊! 因該是“請注意:須有 ROOT 權限才安裝裝置“吧?!嗨.....


    1. ”開啓説明頁面“ 可去掉 “頁面”兩個字, 比較簡練、專業。

    2. "等化器“是臺灣人用的詞,”平衡器“是大陸人用的。我覺得雖然”平衡器“比較接近原本的功能,但你的“等化器”聼起來比較專業。

    3. "感謝你安裝PowerAMP升級(2.0.4-build-465完全版)“。 建議換成“感謝你安裝/升級 Poweramp (2.0.4-build-465完成版)”。“完全版”指它有其他的版本。

    4. “清單”應該換成列表比較恰當。 “清單”是早期臺灣人直接翻譯的錯誤、但你們已經習慣用這詞了。

    5. "歌唱者“這詞之前已吵過了。 你也應該明白了。

    6. "長按“怪怪的。沒別的選擇嗎?”按稍久“不能這樣寫嗎?

    7. "資料夾“應該換”音樂夾“。

    8. ”造訪 Poweramp 網站“, 不是 ”造訪 Poweramp 官方網站“比較好?

    9. "更新記錄“英文可是”Updated records", 因該改成“更改錄“。

  6. 所以這是新加坡人的自我優越感????開玩笑的...

    那最後一個問題, 你想要幫忙翻譯哪種中文啊?如果是繁體, 那就沒辦法了, 因為繁體中文必須非常正式, 文法講究。

    簡體方面不清楚, 應該是沒問題。你問問CYE3S大仔看看。

    我勸你還是自我反省一點吧!你這種態度也只不過能掩飾你那麽多的缺陷。 騙小孩還可以,有經驗的人一眼就識破了。 再去多點自修,才去做翻譯吧!你那無知,幼稚的態度還有半桶水的翻譯能力可真丟盡你們臺灣人的臉。

    我看了你的翻譯,本來是好心想幫你,勸你謙虛點,但你卻以那種態度回報。老實說你的中文還可真是淺薄,英文的理解和程度連這裡的初中生都比你強!你的翻譯錯誤連連,更不用説你對那幾句詞的了解了。連看都看不懂電腦普通用詞的意識, 還跟我狡辯!還說“繁體中文必須非常正式, 文法講究”, 你連原文的意識都沒搞清楚啊! 實在是笑話!


  7. 我的能力是有限的,但是似乎在跟這些翻譯員比時, 並不覺得是那麽的無能。

    不好意識, 我的視力已經退化, 看字需要非常專注,也並非向你那樣習慣的打出繁體文字,還請你多多諒解。


    我一直以來的目的只是想要你們不要在這裡做一些無謂卻丟臉的無聊爭議。 可以很容易和平解決的東西, 卻因爲每個都爲了榮耀和面子, 卻在這裡丟人現眼的雞龜吵,丟盡了我們華人的面子。難道真的不能做一些高素質的交流與討論嗎?

  8. 他说的是Meta Info, 码率,采样率这些,没什么较好的翻译


    Big undivided CUE disc image明白它是什么就好理解了,CD镜像成CUE Sheet+单个APE文件(300M以上,相对于一首歌20M的APE的当然算Big)

    我在原来翻译上查错,这句被我粗心跳过了 :wacko:


    和Firefox Addon翻译网站 www.babelzilla.org是差不多的,babelzilla完全就是手工翻译,但因为addon开源,可以自己打包安装测试

    很多东西是不好翻译的,翻译出来味道就没了,英文中文再好也没有用, 就像:

    "Your brain has two parts.The left one and the left one,The right one has nothing left,The left one has nothing right."




    "Big undivided CUE disc image"其實並不難翻。 它就形容一個較大的CUE光碟影像文件。必須用專讀光碟影像文件的程式才可將資料戳出用, 例如virtual clone drive,Alcohol 120%,和 WinZip 等等。

    “Meta-Info”指的是存在于(文件/質料)後方的資料。 “Meta”是個附加在醫學,科學,或科技專用名詞的字, 本身並非一個可以單用的字。 它原自拉丁或希臘文。

    "Your brain has two parts.The left one and the left one,The right one has nothing left,The left one has nothing right."

    這句英語是很淺的句子, 不過文法非常的差。正常的寫法應該是“There are 2 portions to your brain, the left and the right. Each has their individual functions and usually does not interfere with each other." 這樣一來,不就明白多了嗎? 也比較好翻譯了吧。

  9. 你所使用的翻譯詞彙是大陸專用名詞, 跟台灣完全不同, 你的中文程度讓你幫忙翻譯繁體, 我也是要修正半天, 你還是幫忙翻譯簡體吧。

    台灣繁體中文部分已經翻譯完成, 錯誤也修正的差不多, 祇差採用不採用而已。

    PS:你的英翻中頂多只有直譯的能力而已, 因為連文法都不懂得修改, 不會換句話說。你問問你台灣老婆, 台灣小學生的[換句話說]老師有沒有在教啊。

    你就那麽的冥頑不靈嗎? 我覺得你還是去做些進修再來這裡吹牛吧!

    Your own translating ability is lacking in substance and depth, don't let your own pride get in your way.

  10. 其實有時候你該認識一些來自不同國家的人, 多多用英文跟他們溝通, 你會發現其實英文不是只有新加坡才有, 不同的國家, 就算都會說英文, 但是有些文法, 形容詞都很不同, Big undivided CUE disc image 很顯然是作者當地的形容詞, 你不是住在那裡的, 根本無法理解這是啥意思, 這簡單一段只是形容[完整光碟], 但是你還會遷拖到軟體, 我只知道酒精可以有虛擬光碟, 說我放在櫃子裡的一堆光碟片是軟體, 那就奇怪了。image 好像不是軟體吧?

    MATA 也是當地獨特的形容詞, 我記得樓上那位大陸Cye3s老兄翻譯到這一個字時, 他也是滿頭問號, 別說他, 連你也一樣不知道的。

    新加坡人在中文上已經偏向大陸了, 台灣跟大陸的專有名詞差異頗大, 環境也不同, 你該針對的應該是簡體中文吧?

    PS:中文邏輯不強, 很難應付那些來自不同國家的英文程式譯本, 所以你的程度應該只能幫忙翻譯簡體中文而已。

    還有...關於 Big undivided CUE disc image 這一詞是美國佛州李達的一位大使跟我說的, 所以你也別太在意, 畢竟他是道地的美國人..

    我的英語是國際測試及認可的。我的IELTS可是9.0的。 別拿我當井底蛙。 我在西方社會已經混了半輩子並有好多位西方朋友。爾卻我老婆可是臺灣人第二代教師。


    1. disc - 光碟本身是個硬体.

    2. disc image - 光碟中拷貝出來的數據影像,質料組成的,可用來克隆CD。這是個單詞。


    你放在櫃子裏的光碟片是硬件, 它們所儲存的數碼資料才是軟件。 如果你連這也不懂, 請你別再這兒討論了。你的基本知識已經錯了。

    我也可以跟你說, 你那什麽大使館的朋友完全不懂得這真個詞的意識。

  11. Sorry for bump this thread up again.....

    We are talking about improve translation quality, speak mother language is better, sorry, guys (who can`t read Chinese) :P

    Particularly Andre,I know you want to help everyone in this forum, Thanks!


    第1 点要试下这个功能是不是会改变CUE文件的内容,也就是删除其中记录的曲目定义






    A translating software is not a solution. There are way too many technical terminology involved. And so far, no translating software can properly interpret Mandarin sentence structure and meaning into English.

  12. 你這樣只能算是翻譯, 不是編譯.....如果翻譯哈利波特原文, 投稿去大概會被打槍吧。


    1.警告!已選取的 CUE 曲目列表(%d)即將刪除。刪除此曲目與檔案也將於這些 CUE 列表中刪除所有曲目(CUE sheet tracks是曲目表格的意思,不是CUE文件, 所以扣分沒意見吧)

    2.資料夾清單中顯示完整的 CUE 光碟影像檔(Big undivided CUE disc [大型]未分割的 cue 光碟, 這段句子所要表達的是完整的 CUE 光碟)

    3.翻譯為藝人是錯誤的, 裡面的藝人只能唱歌給你聽,它可不是十項全能還會表演才藝給你看阿。正確為[歌手]


    總分:一題20分總共40分, 及格是60分

    ps:前三題是陷阱題, 最常出現在考試的時候, 像這種題目, 常常出現在amp裡面, 所以簡體翻譯裡錯誤一堆,搞到一票大陸人紛爭不斷, 不是他們翻譯水準差, 而是陷阱太多。

    尤其是 Big undivided CUE disc 倘若中文邏輯程度差的人, 怎能理解這段的意思呢?這些拗口不同的原文在amp可是多的很喔。

    1. 我有想過要用“列表”, 但是“列表”的英文應該是“list", 所以才選擇用“文件”。如此一來,你也不完全正確。

    2. 在這裡,"Big"的使用並不是指實體, 而是軟体, 不能用"大型"來形容。"大型"基本上因該翻為"large scale"。 這是詞上基本的錯誤。 我用“較大”是因爲在這裡“Big”是拿來與普通檔案比較的。 這是你對這英語形容詞的誤解。

    3. "artist"在這裡是該翻成"藝人", 而不是"歌手"。 如果歌曲是交響樂就沒了歌手, 不是嗎?

    那3題完全不是陷阱。這3句話的意識一點也不難嗎! 其實是很基本的英語電腦(計算機??!!)技術用詞。更本只是那些翻譯員的英語理解能力很有限罷了。

    應該分成"Big","undivided", "CUE", 與"disc image"。 這一個句子,新加坡任何過了八,九嵗的學生都該懂的基本英語文法。

    我看你翻譯時沒有留意到你翻譯的對象, 翻譯會出現在多大的銀幕上, 還有技術上的用詞。專心一些吧!你的程度比大多數的非職業翻譯員好很多。

    1. 警告!所選的CUE文件(%d)被刪,所有存於該檔中的曲目也會被除。
    2. 較大卻無分割的CUE光碟映像檔案會顯現在文件夾列表裏。
    3. 藝人。
    4. 專輯。
    5. 曲風。

    10分鐘。 不太記得“裏”是否是“里”的繁體。

    你並不了解翻譯原文是什麼, 為何需要極強的中文邏輯, 英翻中最需要的, 並不需要英文程度高, 你了解這個原因後, 應該會感覺中文程度不夠是多麼難做。

    英翻中只要線上翻譯即可, 最難的地方是必須將線上翻出來, 狗屁不通的中文裡, 將之編輯成通順、符合原文意義的句子, 才能使用。

    沒有高中英水準, 你理解文章的能力有限。翻譯出來的怎麽會有相同的意識呢? 了解原文的意識還不夠。 還得翻出對方能懂得語義。

  13. 英翻中必須要有相當強的中文邏輯喔, 如果只有半統水的中文水準, 那就跟對岸的大佬一樣是直譯囉....幫忙翻譯的可能性不高, 而且正體中文已經翻譯完成, 只差你積極幫我爭取囉!!!

    恐怕你誤解了我的意識。 讓我更明確一些地把我對你們翻譯的想法再説一遍吧。 你們的翻譯水平還有待多多的改進, 別在這兒丟人顯眼,有辱我們這些華族翻譯前輩的顔面。半桶水的你們不合作就算了,還在這裡搶什麽功勞,搶什麽榮耀! 別自大了, 謙虛些!

  14. 所謂的繁體中文在台灣已經正式改為正體中文, 跟新加坡沒啥關聯。正體中文指的是繁體中文字與專業電腦辭典術語, 繁體中文只是繁體字不專業術語, 繁體中文作者稱自己為繁體化, 正體中文作者稱自己為編譯, 是兩種不同境界的翻譯, 而且我所要的, 是讓我自己所編譯的正體中文譯本加入這個軟體, 讓台灣使用者感受到親切, 因為我們重小到大的電腦, 數年來所使用的就是正體中文。

    問題在於你們全部的翻譯都有不少的問題。臺灣與香港的用詞又有些不一樣。 我倒覺得你們應該學會合作。別給非華族的朋友看笑話。如果大家願意,我也會很高興幫幫你們的。

    我的中文水平雖沒你們的高, 但我至少中英的翻譯還行。


  15. Mods: please could we get all these non-ASCII posts out of the English-language forums and into a language-specific support topic? This is turning into semi-spam for everyone else. Thanks.


    Could you be so kind as to provide the location of the Chinese sub-forum nand thread?! If not, please leave this thread be. Don't try to condemn things you do not, or do not want to, understand.

  16. Really?

    To use the traditional Chinese who identified?

    My version is the perfect translation of traditional Chinese and Taiwanese language

    It is very popular in Taiwan Forum

    I sincerely hope that you can use

    PS: I am sorry, my English don't good enough

    Err..... please use simpler English. Good attempt but it is almost incomprehensible.

    Your translation may be popular, but that does not mean it is the best.

    Please don't be too egoistic.

  17. 标题:无视于台湾用户请求的传统中文

    内文:对于传统中文迟迟未加入的情况, 只好在台湾发布以root权限安装的传统中文版, 直到愿意使用本人的xml为止.

    如果愿意使用本人所提供的传统中文xml, 请发送信息.

    Ignoring user requests in Taiwan traditional Chinese

    Traditional Chinese has not yet been added, had published in Taiwan, a traditional Chinese version is installed with root privileges, until you are willing to use my xml so far.

    If you prefer to use traditional Chinese the xml I provided, please send a message.

    RE: Ignoring the request for Traditional Chinese translation from Taiwanese users

    In light of the constant delay in the inclusion of Traditional Chinese translation in Poweramp, we have no choice but to continue the use of our Chinese version through rooted privileges. That is until you have included my xml.

    Please message me should you decide to use my xml for Traditional Chinese translation.

    你們這般半桶水的翻譯真還敢拿出來擺,拿出來賣! 但我也沒權說你門。畢竟,中文只是新加坡華人的第二語言。

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