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  1. That would be awesome! Have you got any idea if this is the near future.. or just sometime in the future?
  2. Yes i was thinking of this also! Just like the standard android musicplayer, it would be nice to have a pause/resume button there and maybe even a prev/next button also.
  3. I was wondering why Poweramp does not recognize .pla playlists? Every other music program i used recognize them. And if this will not be supported, it would be great if you could make auto(smart)-playlists in Poweramp. Like: Id3 tag Genre = Hip Hop ID3 tag Year is between: 1990 and 2000 This playlist would then automatically put all the music in it which has those matching tags. or just: Year is between: 1970 and 1980 That would be a 70s music playlist. I use these things ALL the time in MusicBee, so it would be nice if i could just sync the .PLA playlists or create the auto-playlists myself in Poweramp.
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