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  1. It's happening on random tracks for me.There doesn't seem to be any pattern. *edit* It doesn't freeze when I use *** Music Player**** I'm curious about this too. When do you plan to start testing CM11? When they release a stable version?
  2. Cyanfox is based on CyanogenMod. I believe Omni is a AOSP rom, though I know it has some CM features. Maybe one of those is messing with Poweramp?
  3. Hi everyone. Poweramp is freezing during playback, at random times. It happens at random, and it doens't seem to matter if a song is playing or not. The only way for me to get the player to start working again is to reboot my phone. I'm using: Version: 2.0.9-build-541-arm-play (Full Version) I'm on a Samsung Galaxy 3, running 4.4 Cynanogenmod. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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