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  1. Not sure why but the past few days it's actually been working! I'm wondering if it was a rogue app that I've deleted which was causing some issues.
  2. Actually I don't . I used to but I uninstalled it a while ago. No battery saving apps or task killer apps or anything like that.
  3. Yes it is. And no I'm on a stock unrooted Google Nexus 4. It appears after restarting my device that BBM is back to normal (or at least for now) but Poweramp still has the same issue.
  4. I just wanted to start by saying that I'm not 100% sure if this is Poweramp's problem and I'll explain in a bit. In probably the last month or so I've noticed that plugging in my earbuds has no longer been resuming music from Poweramp even though this has been working since I've had it which is a long long time . I thought maybe the Poweramp service was being closed due to not enough phone memory but I would check and not only was the service running but I also had enough memory. The interesting thing is that I'm having a similar problem with the BBM app. They have a service that runs whic
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