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  1. You know, I mean this: The message that is displayed, which must only be for the music players that are already pre-installed example: Play Music. This message comes far too late in Poweramp, because most ReplayGain (RG) enabled. Therefore, yes, the music is much louder than Play Music. That's why I want!, The developer Max MP A Poweramp limit in the next update with purely brings.
  2. Yes. Surround would be really great ...........
  3. Can you install a limit on the volume when headphones. It would be really nice if that comes in the next update!
  4. I have found a mistake, I think. Because Poweramp does not always recognize when or if I plug in a headphone. Please fix! ^ _ ^
  5. How can I ever create skins? Is that possible with a smartphone or only PC?
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