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  1. On the info/tags page the text about "Album Art" is confusing in Dutch, so I signed up for Crowdin to correct the translation.

    I set the language in my Android App to English to find the original text.


    It turned out the original text is wrong as well.


    It says "Embed Album Art" but it should be "Embedded Album Art" (embed is imperative)

    The translation should be "Ingesloten Albumhoezen" for this.

    Could you please correct this?


    BTW...  Reading it in Dutch I thought it was possible to embed the album art that Poweramp found into the tag and pressed it....  Alas, it did nothing  ;-)

    I would really like to have such a feature....


  2. I would definitely buy Poweramp if it has this feature.

    I'm running it in the Dutch language and I got excited because it seemed to be implemented already. It turned out it was a translation error.

    On a song with cover art in its tag it says "albumhoezen insluiten" it should say "albumhoezen ingesloten" (include vs included). Maybe correct this first.

    I haven't looked nor did I see other errors. If the devs are interested I'd be willing to check it.

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