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    Multi-disc album folders

    I would like display multi-disc album as one here is my folder structures \album artist - album title\CD1\ \album artist - album title\CD2\ Currently power amp display as two album cover art in library or folder list
  2. adrianmak

    shuffle mode 2nd request

    I see. Thank you pointing this feature out. isn't it shuffle modes is globally or album independent ?
  3. adrianmak

    shuffle mode 2nd request

    Currently ,shuffle mode playing will play all tracks of all folders, I prefer provide an option shuffling tracks on within current folder only.
  4. duplicate album covers are due to those albums have multiple CDs and I managed in folder structure like \artist name - album name\CD1\ \artist name - album name\CD2\
  5. Like in stock music player of samsung galaxy s i9000
  6. Some album art cover is not in 1:1 square size. Poweramp will distort the cover art currently Please make the image scale in aspect ratio on next release.
  7. Could I use play control of an iphone earphone ?