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  1. Thank you maxamp for your prompt answer. I noticed that beats produces distortions, so I switched it off. The beats is worth nothing, anyway. I don't use is since the first day I have Poweramp. I noticed that tone is the reason of the distortions when listening very silent. When it is off I hear no distortions, but it makes no fun to listen to the film soundtracks without more bass (about 50%) and treble, and Poweramp has the best bass boost thanks to the tone on. With the equalizer I could not reach such a nice deep bass.
  2. Hallo, I hear strong distortions when listening to the music silent. I use HTC One X+ with Shure 215 Headphones. The mp3s I hear are 160kbit ant better. The ton is on. Bass setting above 50%. Equalizer is off. Have you an Idea what can be the reason of this? The other players don't distort the sound.
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