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  1. Gave that a shot, problem still seems to be persisting. I've noticed this only happens if I pause the song then unlock my phone and go to the song list. The issue doesn't occur if I just unlock the phone then go back to the song list.
  2. Any help here? this is frustrating.
  3. Hello, I am a long time Poweramp user and have to say it is unquestionably the best Android music application. However, recently I ran into a bit of a bug on the new version. I usually select my music through artist > album > song, but I noticed that if I let a song play all the way through and I pause and unlock my phone while the next song in the album is playing (I use the lock screen option as well) that the previous song in the track list still has the 'now playing' highlight bar on it, as does the current song that is playing (as it should). Both songs will also be listed as having the same duration and are listed as being paused in the same place. 'Rotting out' is the song that is currently paused yet both songs are selected. As you can see they share the same duration as well, which isn't correct. What's more is sometimes when I go to a different album with a song paused that song shows up in the current album list and replaces the track of the same song number: 'Rotting out' shouldn't even be in the tracklist, yet it replaces track #4. Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.