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  1. Hey all, At first; i have to tell you, that my englisch is really bad :-D - So sorry for bad spelling/grammatics, etc... But i just could not find any Poweramp Forums in my language... I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (Android 4.3) My Version is the unlocked Edition of Poweramp; always the newest Version. Now i will try to explain my Problem: In the past; Poweramp really often completely crashed; but this is fixed now fortunately. But now; i have a new Problem: Whenever my Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (Android 4.3) receives a new wlan (As Example, when i go into a house with aktive wlan) or the wlan-connection is lost (When i leave a house with wlan); Poweramp always stops playing. It does not crashs or something else, it just stops playing. When i press the Play-Button; it resumes Playing without any Problems. But this really, really annoys me! -.- Can you help me? - Thank you!
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