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  1. I followed your directions. I transferred the contents to the computer. I put the microSD card and did a reformatting, then transferred everything back to the card. I then did a manual Rescan and it did it without a hitch. I'm not sure how that malfunction happens to begin with. Let's hope that this sticks. I'll let y'all know. Thank you. I love the app. While I'm not a very heavy user, I appreciate its design and flexibility.
  2. I tried limiting the scanning to the internal memory and it succeeded in completing the scan. I tried adding the Saved Music folder on the card it did not. What might have happened between Saturday and Sunday, and what can I do about it?
  3. I have been having difficulty with my Android and Poweramp since this past Sunday. I discovered that whenever Poweramp attempts to scan the library, it gets stuck mid-scan, and ultimately the phone freezes and crashes, only to restart the phone and start the process all over again, resulting in a series of restarts and crashes. I was able to halt the auto-scanning. I tried deleting cache and data files. I tried unstalling and reinstalling both the Trial and Full Versions. If I don't do a scan of the library, Poweramp won't play any new downloaded files (which it needs to do). But at this point, I can't even get it to complete a scan because the scan gets stuck. At this point, I have a practically useless app. Help, please!
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