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  1. I had this problem too. What I'd usually do is long click on the Poweramp logo replaceing the album art when playing a song, then manually attach the picture to the album's files.
  2. Hello everyone, it seems like Poweramp can't handle too large album art (something between 5 and 20MB). When using the Artist/Album view, the albums concerned don't have any thumbnail. I can't tag the album's file with the album art file: I can choose the file within the file dialog, but it ends up being ignored. Not a big deal, I can (painfully) resize every too large file, but I think it's good to know. Samsung i9305, OmniROM, using an external micro SD.
  3. It's probably the only thing Poweramp lacks for the moment. I really hope maxmp will implement it. I mea, transparent lossy at 128kbps, even 96kbps. It's the future.
  4. Hello, First at all, I want to say that this application is relatively near perfection and thank the dev for his work. I plan on flashing Cyanogenmod again, but without all the Google crap. There's a problem, I bought the unlocker with the Play Store; can I link my unlocker with an email address, or must I buy the website version on top of the Play store one? Thanks for attention.
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