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  1. So as not to make double topics I'll bump this one. Gapless not working for me on Vivo Nex 3 in any of the supposed gapless cases, tried increasing the buffer size and count, also tried that 'preload gapless track' option, nothing helps. I exported all the settings from Sony XA1 Ultra on which everything works perfectly fine. Is there anything else that can be done? Thanks in advance.

  2. Don't know which topic should I pick so I'll post it here. Been using Poweramp for years, downloaded v3 just recently. What can I say? It has become even better and then some.

    Many years ago I asked for tempo change function (because on some days the music just sounds slower than usual and it can be really annoying). We've got it, now even with a wider scale of 0.01 steps. However tempo change makes music sort of stumble from time to time so I wish it was SPEED change but still this is most welcome.

    Then you've introduced 100 degree sound control scale and I don't have to adjust volume with preamp manually for every other album anymore.

    Digits under EQ bars. Really necessary for advanced tweaking of your presets when you use some as a reference. Now you don't have to pull the sliders and compare screenshots.

    Various interface improvements. Most of them are really good and useful. 

    General sound processing picture screen. Now everything is in one place and can be tuned accordingly.

    Overall, my  deepest thanks for your work, bought the app once more on another phone to support it. 

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