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  1. So far I can't stop the Nav software from closing Power Amp but the Bluetooth is working and I'm able to control the app on my phone from my steering wheel controls then use the NAV software on my AVIN unit. So I guess that's one work around.
  2. I bought the full version of Power Amp and while it's a great music app I'm having two issues with it. I'm running it on a "AVIN E46 Avant Series Android Stereo Navigation System" in my BMW. The system runs on Gingerbread. 2.34. Here are the issues: Power Amp closes when I launch a Navigation App like Scout. I can't use the steering wheel controls to change songs. (Works on Default Music Player and Radio) The weird thing with the first issue is that if I reopen Power Amp I can hear the NAV system run in the background and I can use Power Amp as long I don't change the screen to the NAV
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