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  1. Thank you yet again. I had already noticed that adding to the file- based playlist did not update the file. Now I know how.
  2. Now here's the thing! The SD card on my phone became unmounted yet again - don't know why it does that, the source of my PA problem. All I do is reboot to fix it which I did. On starting up PA and rescanning, it now reads the playlist files properly. Problem solved. It obviously needs to start the scanning from scratch. Thanx for all the patient hwlp.
  3. The point is that PA imported a m3u8 file that does have something in it and then said there were zero tracks. It was a test. I don't want to spend hours creating a playlist list and then have the contents deleted just because the SD card becomes unmounted.
  4. Here's the first few lines: /storage/6934-A82B/Audio/Music/Los Índios Tabajaras/20 Greatest Hits/Maria Elena.wma /storage/6934-A82B/Audio/Music/Los Índios Tabajaras/20 Greatest Hits/Angustia de un Querer [El Amor Es Algo Maravilloso].wma /storage/6934-A82B/Audio/Music/Los Índios Tabajaras/20 Greatest Hits/Mama Yo Quiero [Mama Eu Quero].wma /storage/6934-A82B/Audio/Music/Los Índios Tabajaras/20 Greatest Hits/Vals en Do Sostenido.wma
  5. Yes, the file list shows exactly where they are on the SD card.
  6. Thank you andrewilley for that very detailed explanation. After adding the 'Playlist' folder to PA's scan function I then see my deleted playlist. However, it shows as 'Not loaded' When I tap on it to load it, it says it has zero tracks.
  7. I did a test. I created a playlist, exported it, deleted it in Poweramp and then tried to import it but nothing imported.
  8. Yes, but I did that but when I imported again it did not restor the playlist.
  9. It's notexactly clear how you do that (backup to m3u8 files). I created a playlist, 'Exported' it. Deleted it and then did the 'import' thing and .... it's gone!
  10. Some months ago I spent considerable time creating a playlist containing thousands of songs. I recently tried to return to it and play music. The playlist name is still there but contains 0 tracks. I have not changed the directory structure or even added any tracks.
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