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  1. Like it says, replay gain has stopped working, or rather requires me to enable it every 3rd or 4th song. I thought I had it all set up nicely, and even redid my library once before kitkat update, and now that my phone is on 4.4.2 it doesn't seem to work... Phone is SGS3, with paid Power Amp license. I use either Foobar, or MP3 gain to level my tracks....
  2. No one else out there has Ford, and Poweramp on their android device?
  3. Would like to have it integrate with Ford Sync(the very basic Sync version, not My Ford Touch, or the Sync in the Lincolns. It would be nicce to see at minimum the artist, and song title, even nicer if I could have the album name as well. I have almost 10K tracks on my SGS3, and while I recognize a lot of it, there's alot that I don't know the artist, let alone the song title or album. Right now I can at least use the bluetoth media stream as my source to listen to the songs, control volume, and even skip tracks. Full on Sync functionality would be cool, but song title and artist on the screen
  4. So I bought Pwoeramp unlocker, and now I have a new question: How do I keep the lock screen from staying on after I get a text notification whiel listening in PA? On my SGS3 with Android 4.3 the screen turns on when I get a text, and the message is displayed. If I am not using PA, the screen timesout after about 3-5 seconds, and shuts off again. However when I am listening to music the screen comes on, and stays on until I shut the screen off. I can get PA to at least play with Ford Sync thru bluetooth medai stream as my source, but it would be really nice if it had the ability to display
  5. Not that I am aware of I haven't tried any others other than GMMP, and it requires the source to be set to bluetooth media stream like the stock player. I'd to be able to re-download a working tiral so I can play with the source selection, but when I tried last night it said my trial was expired. This is after uninstalling and reinstalling from a fresh download... Replaygain/album art seems to play nicer with power amp than GMMP, but I don't buy anything until I figure out how to get it to do what I want....
  6. I can get the stock player to work using the "Bluetooth media stream" as my source. I want to try to see if Power Amp will work in this way, but my free trial has expired, and I can't get another free trial by just uninstalling and reinstalling anymore(it worked once before). I flatly refuse to spend any money on this if I can't figure out for sure if it will work the way I would like it to.
  7. Get Ford Sync to recognize Power amp? I have been able to get my GS3 to sync phone book and such with Ford Sync, and I even have slacker working over bluetooth, but when I open power amp and tell Sync to look for mobile apps it doesn't work. I really like power amp, but if it will not work with Ford Sync, I don't wanna buy it.
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