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  1. Installed the b480 on top of cm9 Lang for nexus s. Works great, the ICS lock screen is working great,was was essential for me cause I use pattern lock. The notification multimedia buttons is a very useful feature, makes life easier. Though it is light gray instead of dark gray in pics. Also tapping the pause closes the notification, I think it'sbetter to stay and add a swipe gesture for closing it after pause,if it's possible
  2. I asked it one about a year ago if it's possible to add this feature (I saw it first on default music apps on touchwiz then), and Max responded that it was a feature of that particular rom and couldn't be implemented for all roms Now I see since ics Google's default music app has the play/pause and next buttons in the notification, so I thought it might be a right moment to ask for this feature again cause it seems using ics API this feature can be added for ics based rooms.
  3. No response??? can anyone help me to import my system library playlists without losing any enteries??? is it just me or every one have this issue?!
  4. thanks for the replay and information. still I don't see a way to restore the playlists I made before into version2. is the importing feature suppose to work like this, only importing the names and not the songs inside? or is it an issue that will be solved in the future builds? also would u mind telling me where should I put the exported playlist (the exported .m3u8 files) I've just made with version2 so the other music apps can find and recognize them? also another question: does version 2 save the downloaded album arts in the same place as v1? whats the difference between album arts saved i
  5. I export them but sitll native music app doesn't show any playlist I made with Poweramp. what should I do with the exported file?should I put it somewhere to be recognized by the syncing system? and yet it's for the playlist that you just made with v2, what about 136 playlists I made through years? I import them but Poweramp only shows the names of the playlists with zero songs in them, and I checked the music folder to scan , and I erased and scanned several times and no success. I'm sure there is benefits in the new way the playlist system works, but I failed to find any yet, only complica
  6. the new playlist system that can not sync with ANY system playlist is a real pain, it only recognizes the songs have been added through Poweramp itself. If the reason of this change is merging the folders & library playlists, then it's not acceptable, because other player apps like PlayerPro & Meridian Player also support this feature and the playlist is recognizable for the system library. In Poweramp v2, when u make a new playlist it only works with Poweramp itself and u can't find it in for example native music app or any of syncing apps. this can really be an issue for users like m
  7. i wanna know where Poweramp saves the album arts so i can grab them & implement them in the music file so it can be shown with any player on any platform?
  8. Thanks alot, very useful infos what about using hardware buttons like volume up/down and camera shatter as player controls while the screen is off? the things only saw in MODs like Cyanogen ROMs and UD MODs.although i saw using camera button as play/pause button in bTunes player
  9. Thanks alot for your great great effort in creating the best music player app for android. The Problem: I only have one problem. when i play songs from folders, i can't add songs to the playlists I made before on regular players (library playlists), they don't list when i tap add to PL. Is there a way to solve this? i thought may be i can copy the library playlists i created before, in the folder that the Poweramp saves its folder playlists. can you help me where can i find the folder containing library playlist files? And where does Poweramp save its playlist files for folders? Requested Feat
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