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  1. Hi Nvidia Shield K1 Android 6.0.1 with last June security patch (stock, no root) Last release note of 1.3 system update : https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/941565/shield-tablet/official-shield-tablet-k1-ota-1-3-feedback-thread-released-06-15-16-/ Thank's !
  2. According to Wen's answer, it should be included on next major version : But i +1 this topic too. Audiobook support (with bookmark, chapters support) is a long waited feature from users over the forum. It would be nice if Max do an official statement about it or add it to the planned TODO list.
  3. Great news ! I Did not see anywhere this answer so ... As DrZ0idberg said It should be nice to be added to the list of next features ! Poweramp is my day to day player but actually i have to use another software to handle m4b files and their chapters ... Can't wait !
  4. Unfortunately i already asked by mail, PM, and this forum but the dev does not seem interested by playing audiobooks on Poweramp ... That's so sad.
  5. Hello, Could it be possible to implement m4b file support in Poweramp please? It's also known as audiobook. I think m4b is just a container with ACC encoded files like m4a ones ... right ? There are many website where you can download audiobooks for free like : http://freeclassicaudiobooks.com/ http://www.jw.org Thank you for this wonderful player ! MrAurelien
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