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  1. Hi,


    Chinese usually sort word by Pingyin or strokes, but now in Poweramp I don't know what is it sorted by. It is very hard to find out a file quickly in a long music directory.

    Did you use the right Collator object for the Simplified chinese?


    Code snippet for your reference:
    1. final Collator chinaCollator = Collator  
    2.         .getInstance(java.util.Locale.CHINA);  
    3. Collections.sort(folderItems, new Comparator<Map<String, V>>() {  
    4.     @Override  
    5.     public int compare(Map<String, V> map1, Map<String, V> map2) {  
    6.         String name1 = map1.get("name").toString();  
    7.         String name2 = map2.get("name").toString();  
    8.         return chinaCollator.compare(name1.toLowerCase(),  
    9.                 name2.toLowerCase());  
    10.     }  
    11. });  


    Best Regards,



  2. Well the Music Folder selection only needs to be done once when you set the system up.

    After that, when you are viewing folders in the player, you can use List or Hierarchy mode



    But when I want to add another music folder not under the folders were added before, I have to wait 10 minutes again!

    I just want to ask a simple question, is it a good experience having users waiting more than 5 minutes when they clicked on their phone or pad? 

    My answer is: I would rather typing the folder path letters one by one on soft keyboard. 


    My suggestion is changing the folder operation to the UI like the following project provided:









    Best Regards,


  3. Both options are already present, in "Poweramp Settings">"Folders and Library" you will find both "Music Folders" to choose which folders to include, and "Folders/Library Scanner".


    Hi Andre,


    The problem is that takes too long time to show the folder tree when I want to choose the folders. We need a folder/file browser let users to drill down to their music folders in hierarchy mode, No need to cost so many times to list all the folders at all.

    Sorry for my poor English and thanks for your reply!


    Best Regards,


  4. There are thousands of files and folders in my phone. I have to wait Poweramp listing the folder tree for about 10 minutes when it first starts! Can we have an option to choice scanning automatically or adding the music folders manually? I believe that the most of the people knows where their music folder is. And the automatic scanning always includes such as ringtone, recording media files that we don't like these are added in.




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