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  1. Android 9 Google Pixel 1 Poweramp v3-build814-play (Full Version) 1. I have a bug where the now playing bar on the bottom will show a different song from the one that is playing. I think closing the app and reopen reproduces sometimes, but I am struggling to consistently reproduce this. 2. Also, is there a way to disable the feature where you hold an artist and it opens up the selection items? 3. Do you a place where I can donate to Poweramp? I really like v3! It's fantastic so far
  2. I'm using the latest Poweramp and this bug is still present. Apollo and Google Music read .ogg vorbis correctly, why not Poweramp?
  3. I would like to see this implemented as well, since Poweramp does not read my .ogg files' album art. Thank you!
  4. Android 4.4.2 Nexus 5 Poweramp 2.0.9-build-539-arm-play (Full Version) Embedded ogg album art does NOT display.
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