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  1. When in now playing mode and you hit the android phone's tactile back button, the android home screen comes us. This is stupid as the home button does this. Instead, the back button should go back a folder, i.e. to the album's track list. The back button works the way it should when navigating through the Poweramp home screen/artist/ablum however when you get to now playing and use it, it takes you back to the android home screen instead of taking you back to the album's track list. Can we get a fix for this? Thank you
  2. Ah, okay, I found it. Really weird location. Any case anyone was wondering, where the repeat is, click it it until it says advance list. Now the music player will like it should.
  3. Am I the only one who finds it weird and so annoying that none of these android music players including Poweramp continue playing after the album reaches the end of the last song? It should continue playing into the next album/artist like any regular MP3 player out there. It's so freaking annoying having to unlock my phone and select the next song. Am I missing something? I mean I can't believe we are supposed to be moving forward with technology and this shenanigans is going on. Thanks for reading.
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