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  1. The answer could be found here: http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required
  2. Hi! The answer is arrived very quickly! "ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER error is reported by Google Play Store app back to Poweramp when Unlocker from Play is installed; it's reported in the following cases: - Play Store app not loaded. Please start Play Store app and wait until it fully loads start page. Play Store app can fail to load, for example, during its self-updating. Please wait until it fully loads, them start Poweramp again - internet connection is not available/unstable or Play Store app/services are blocked from internet - (Android 2.x) Background data is disabled To resolve this issue: 1. uninstall Poweramp Full Version Unlocker 2. ensure you have internet connection on the device up and stable 3. install Poweramp Full Version Unlocker from Google Play Store app. Reinstalls to the same account are free. Installing Unlocker from APK won't resolve the issue 4. You may need start/wait a bit/exit Poweramp 2 times to reload license state." Starting the app two times after reinstalling the key from Google Play solved the problem, now my licence is checked.
  3. I have the same problem nowadays and it is very annoying. At first the key uninstall and reinstall solved the problem but in the second case it didn't solve the defect. As Andre asked I've sent my purchase details, and error message info, to Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com. I will post id the problem is solved.
  4. You are right Andre. I think the "list" word is confusing. I don't want to make any lists, I just want to play all songs or all folders. I think that would be the clearest to change the repeat modes to this: repeat 1 song -> repeat all song/folder -> no repeat.
  5. It works, but not too easy to figure out how. Try this: Menu -> Folders/Lib -> long press on the folder you would like to play -> push play. I choose my main music folder (which contains all the subfolders), and in this way it repeats all folders in "advanced list" mode. I don't use shuffle option, but maybe you can solve your shuffle problem if you try long press somewhere.
  6. Thanks Andre, but unfortunately in "list" mode it repeats the tracks only in the current folder. I need the function to repeat all folders or all songs.
  7. I miss the "repeat all song" function, now there is just "list", "advance list", or "one song". I dont want to make lists, i just want to repeat all songs on my phone. Thanks!
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