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  1. Hope it'll be released soon too. I just thought that this feature should be include minutes ago. Didn't expect these posts already. Thanks maxmp for already looking into this.
  2. If it has an File Explorer, you can manually install Market/Play Store. You just need to get Market or Vending.apk from somewhere. It may help you: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1328992
  3. I did report this bug when 2.0 has been released. I'm using superosr 2.3.7 (aosp & cm7 based rom). Someone discovered that if you play the music through the Poweramp's widget, the music doesn't stop when the screen is off. And if you plug the headset it starts playing normally. I don't understand development but it seems to be a bug inside the application. I downgrade to 1.4 as I can't browse my folders without having the music stopped.
  4. I didn't find it inside the app and didn't see anyone requesting. But it would be nice if we could import and export our configuration (including equalizer) settings.
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